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Contact Information:                        wildlife photography by Mike Murri

   We are always looking for Harvey Draper Knives!


Mike Murri likes finding "sheds" as much as Draper Knives!
We are interested in purchasing your Draper knives or entire collections!
Call Mike @ (406) 581-2938
Some knives are for sale:  inquire if interested
Wildlife photos by Mike Murri  more of his work available here

Here is the knife I carry with me on every hunt (top knife).  It was given to my grandfather by my father in 1971.  After my grandfather passed it was given to me.  It's a Cougar with a lot of wear and tear.  I wouldn't leave home without it!

The bottom knife is my brothers knife that belonged to my dad.  My dad gave my brother this knife at the same time he gave me my grandfathers knife.  It is a Paragon and has cleaned many a mule deer, from the High Uintas to the Henry Mountains of Southern Utah.  Interestingly, this knife has a handle that was designed for a model of knife called the Alaskan Skinner.
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