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                                                 photography by Mike Murri


Simons Custom Sheaths used lockstiched seams and were sewn with waxed linen thread.  These sheaths were made from 8-9 oz. premium saddle leather.
Some of the sheath makers included:  David Lyman, Fred Nielson, George Lawrence, Simons, Kent Draper, Harvey Draper and Hal Hansen.  Among many others.  Some sheaths are stamped, some are not.  George Lawrence, however, did the hand carved sheaths.  There were many options available but all were done very well and fit the knife perfectly.

Kent Draper left his mark in some very nice sheaths.
Draper Knives, Inc.
Made by David Lyman
Ephraim, Utah
Classic sheath.

Same style of sheath with choice of two tone and leg thong.  Excellent craftsmanship throughout.

Draper Knives, Inc.
Ephraim, Utah
One of the favorites to discover on the back of any sheath.

Hand Crafted by
Ephraim, Utah
This is a very uncommon stamp.  Hal made very few sheaths.  Very clean, nicely executed.
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