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Andy Dunn Collection:  Bart Draper TROPHY SKINNER.  WOW!  Bart also made the sheath.
Andy Dunn Collection:  TROPHY SKINNER with sheath.  Incredible craftsmanship and a very special piece of fiddleback maple.  Bart Draper was the original designer of this knife, back in the '60's.

Ronald Moore Collection:  Model No. 24 Western Bowie.  10 1/2" Blade 3/8" 440-C, Leather handle.

Model No. 4 Hunter's Bowie:  Compliments Dennis Friedly

Dennis Friedly Collection:  Custom Filet Knife (fish-tail shaped Micarta Handle)
Model No. 4 Hunters Bowie:  Private Collection.  5 1/2" Blade with Stag handle.

Dave Okerlund Collection:  Model #12 COMBAT  3/8" stock 440c with stainless hilt and pommel.

Andy Dunn Collection:  Model # 1 Elmer Keith, stainless fittings and ivory handle, 5" blade 3/8" 440C.

Andy Dunn Collection.

Andy Dunn Collection

Andy Dunn Collection

Andy Dunn Collection

Andy Dunn Collection:  Kent Draper Folder, Kent also did the engraving.

Thomas Boutin Collection:  Kent Draper fixed blade with Kent made sheath.  Compared to the above folder, engraving looks to be Kent's handy work, as well.

Andy Dunn Collection:  Bart Draper Bowie with Bart Draper made sheath.  B. DRAPER blade stamp.

Andy Dunn Collection:  Draper, Ephraim, Utah stamped blade.  Alaskan Skinner style blade.
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