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More Knives          wildlife & knife photography by Mike Murri

A "SEA" of Draper blades.

Dall Sheep.  6" Blade from 1/4" stock 440C.  Stainless guard and pommel with black spacers.  Handle material is Fiddleback Maple.

Dall Sheep close-up.  Stainless guard and pommel was a $30.00 upgrade in 1971.
Same model (Dall Sheep) with different look and feel.

Model No. 5 Elk.  6" Blade from 1/4" 440C.  Fiddleback Maple handle and brass fittings.  "S" guard swept forward at bottom with large radius choil so your finger could be used in front of the guard to increase blade control during skinning etc.
ELK Model No. 5;  Clean design with functionality in mind.

ELK with different sheath and handle.
Here is another variation, one with a German Silver Inlay for adding the owners initials.

Opposite side of the same knife showing the blade stamp, DRAPER, Ephraim, Utah.

Elk (top), Dall Sheep (bottom), nice pair.  Stainless vs. Brass fittings, you be the judge.

ELK FOLDER:  This knife is a one-off prototype, at one time there was going to be a folding knife for each model of fixed blade knife.

The craftsmanship and styling of this folder is absolutely amazing.

Operation is flawless and solid.

Alaskan Skinner with stag handle. 

Alaskan Skinner with original sheath and Cougar style handle.
Marco Polo:  4 1/2" blade from 3/16" 440-C.  9 1/8" OAL.  Designed expressly for sheep skinning, this model is an easy-to-handle, excellently balanced knife with its attractive, masculine appearance.
Marco Polo with slight variation in pommel and sheath pattern.

Cougar.  3 7/8" Blade from 3/16" 440C stock.  Nickel silver guard silver spacers with micarta handle brass butt-cap.

Buster Warenski produced a few knives with this handle design, there is also some nice file work down the spine of the blade.  Buster may have been the craftsman behind this knife.

Here is another nice Cougar with unique handle style and DRAPER BLADES stamp.

Micarta handle material and brass butt-cap.  Mirror polished 440-C blade.
Here is the Buster Warenski Cougar compared to some of the other models. 

Seven Cougars; all of them with unique handles, blade stamps, history and looks.

Model No. 19 Fighting Bowie with 9" blade and a lugged fighting hilt.  Sheath has extra stamping.

Brass Back Bowie.  12" Blade flat ground.  3/8" stock.  2" Deep blade.  Brass would catch opponent's blade during a knife fight.

Fighting Bowie.  7" Blade from 1/4" 440c.  Micarta handle red and silver spacers.  Classic design.

Fighting Bowie close-up.
Fighting Bowie.  Identical to the one above.

Another Dall Sheep early design aluminum spacers rosewood handle brass hilt and pommel 6" 440c blade with a gentle slope to the thumb rest.  Nice original sheath.

One last angle of this Dall Sheep.
BART DRAPER, HARVEY'S son and partner in the original shop, still makes knives today.
Bart Draper, Sportsman style blade.
Not only does Bart make a perfect knife, he makes an awesome sheath.

B. DRAPER KNIVES, stamp on the back of Bart's sheath.
B. DRAPER knife, fit and finish is superb.
Bart's knives and sheaths are nothing less than stunning.
Two of Bart's knives photographed together.  Not just mirror polished blades, hilt and pommel too.
BART DRAPER also lived in Big Piney, Wyoming for awhile, where he also made knives.
Here is one of Bart's Big Piney efforts, the spine is rounded all the way to the point.  The sheath is left or right handed (belt loop on each side).  This knife is very light, yet feels very rigid. 

Kent Edgel Draper Bowie:  12" Blade with Stainless hilt and pommel.  Super Clean, perfect.  Notice stamp is on righthand side of blade.  Kent was left handed.  He also made this great sheath.

Kent's 12" Bowie compared to Harvey's 12" Brass Back Bowie.  Two stunning knives!

H. E. DRAPER Custom knife with two-tone sheath.

H. E. DRAPER Cougar with custom pommel.

H. E. DRAPER Cougar with custom pommel.

Model No. 9 SPORTSMAN:  6" blade from 1/4" 440-C.

Custom Fighter:  3/8" 440-C  Original owner took this knife to Viet Nam.

Nice Nielson sheath with swivel action.  Note lack of leg thong, ordered that way for comfort.

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